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We're partnering with multiple private and public organisations. Read about the different projects we're working on below

Dot & Line

ELN is providing training to Primary school teachers (grades 1-5) working in various marginalised areas of Pakistan. Under this project ELN will train over 180 primary school teachers all over Pakistan in a period of 8 months. The project will start from March 2018. We have signed an exclusive contract with Dot & Line for the online training and assessment of their tutors.

Parwaan & ELN envision to make Montessori-Primary classes available for the people living in the low-middle income population of the urban and rural areas of Punjab, Pakistan. Here the level of education is poor due to lack of proper teacher training and QA management systems. ELN will assist Parwaan in the role by training their Primary Teachers through online courses with offline support in impoverished areas. We will be training a cohort of 50 master trainers (reaching 1500 primary teachers) as well as training their educational leaders and implementing educational Quality Management Systems in their schools.

SOS Children's Village

As part of our CSR initiative, ELN is working with SOS village, an international charity, to provide offline workshops twice a week to 50 primary teachers every week working in the SOS primary school. Topics covered in the workshop are extracted from the Pearson Level 3 Award in Education & Training.

We have won a service contract under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model between the Sindh Government and ourselves, to train 350 government Master Trainers in three locations in Sindh in 6 months. They will in turn cascade the training with further help from ELN to approximately 10,000 primary school teachers across the southern province of Pakistan. We will also be providing effective internal & external quality systems to monitor this cascade model to train government primary teachers throughout Sindh.

Provincial Institute for Teacher Education, Sindh