Diploma in Education and Training (Professional)

With the growing need of quality education in our country, institutes are now aggressively seeking teacher candidates who have strong academic credentials and who have completed a rigorous teacher preparation program. Those teachers who have not met the standards for highly qualified will not be able to excel in their teaching jobs and also remain underpaid for longer periods of time. 

The Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training is equivalent to a UK Bachelor's degree or Pakistan Masters Degree. Check our About Us page for more information on the equivalency of our courses. This diploma also leads to Fully Qualified Teacher Status in the UK. This qualifies teachers or trainers to teach across a wide range of UK Educational Institutions, Colleges, Training Providers etc.

Teaching is an art but can also be a struggle and you must have patience for additional work like lesson planning, marking etc. This is why Teaching Practice is a very important part of our advanced teacher training diploma. Through teaching practice, learners find a chance to increase understanding and improve practice, commonly in the areas of teaching techniques, teaching principles, and teaching methods. During practice Diploma students are in a position to increase their knowledge and skill set with support and personalised guidance from their tutor.

Improving the effectiveness of teachers is necessary in order to have a major impact on the performance of Pakistan's education system, which will in turn increase the accomplishment of children across the nation. Teachers are by far the biggest and most valuable resource in schools. To be highly successful, teachers must be qualified in teaching techniques and skills, teaching and learning theories, quality assurance systems etc. 

The Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training is an extremely popular course for trainers. For this course, you will need access to 100 hours of teaching and we will take paid as well as volunteer work into consideration for the completion of the 100 hours. The coursework will take up to 2 years (remember it's equivalent to a UK Bachelors Degree). Our tutors will guide and support you throughout your teacher training until you finish! You can gain valuable experience and complete the qualification along with your ongoing work schedule!

The units in the Diploma in E & T overlap with our other teacher training qualifications and can make it easy for anyone to claim exemption for any units done previously which overlap with the new qualification, for example, the Certificate in Education and Training, & Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance Courses.

We also provide instalments at no extra costs! No hidden charges, completely Interest Free! 

We want to make quality education accessible to everyone, everywhere. And this includes making it affordable!

There are 4 compulsory units in the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training. Optional Units are chosen from a range of 23 Optional Units approved by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL UK). Before you begin this course your assigned tutor will conduct a detailed personalized initial assessment with you to determine your

Optional Units those that are based on your work experience and future goals

Skill Set to examine your work-based experience (you may get exemptions)

-  Personal Development Plan 

Recognition for Prior Learning, Credit Transfers and/or Exemptions that can be made if needed.


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