Internal Quality Assurance Courses (Educational Management)

Accredited education provides learners with a structured chance to learn. Accreditation adds worth to this learning by formally recognizing what the learner is aware of or can do as result of the training. The learner’s knowledge and/or ability must meet with the agreed criteria or standard carried out by an assessor. Once the standards are met, formal recognition is given by an awarding body that will offer the learner with a certificate to prove their achievement.

Quality assurance course is vital in any training program, but it is of particular importance to an accredited training program. It provides assurance to learners that the standards, against which they are being assessed, are set, and it also provides reassurance to the awarding body that the standards are being applied consistently. The Level 4 Awards and Certificate in Internal Quality Assurance are suitable for all levels of experience. They qualify you to be able to plan, design, implement and maintain Quality Assurance Systems in your educational institution.

The Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) is the driver of quality assurance in qualifications, both within the national frameworks and within the quality and management systems of all functional centres. Internal quality assurance is a key factor in managing ‘risk’ and ensuring that when certificates are claimed for learners the requirements of the national standards have been reliably met.

Quality assurance measures introduced in Pakistan's schools are still in their early stages and need to be developed further. Usually, they are heavily reliant on the Head or Owner of the institute. In order for the institution to grow and maintain the quality of their teaching in a structured, sustainable manner, it is necessary to have Quality Assurance Systems and appointed Internal Quality Assurance staff.

- Want to make sure your assessment decisions are correct, reliable, and credible?

- Want to make sure all your assessors are working to a set standard?

- Want to gain recognition for your experience of internal verification and educational management work?

Whether you need to become an Internal Verifier or Lead Internal Verifier, Our ELN Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance Courses are for you.

Our Level 4 IQA Awards and the Level 4 IQA Certificate Qualifications are accredited by Laser Learning, and Pearson. They are internationally recognised.

Before you begin, your tutor will conduct a personalized initial interview with you to make sure you fulfill all pre-requirements of this course.

The first option below will give you a theoretical understanding only.

The second option is your choice if you want to become a qualified IQA or IV.

You may choose the third option if you would like to be a Lead Internal Verifier ie you lead a team of Educational Management staff who in turn manage their own training staff.

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